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With Love, Knotty

Community is the strong foundation that Knotty Boutique has been built on.  It is with grateful hearts that we have donated through product and monetary donation to support several causes.  We help build schools.  We root for education to children in underdeveloped countries.  We believe Black Lives Matter.  We fight for reproductive rights.  Sometimes, we just give to because everyone deserves to feel a little love.  Shop items tagged With Love and visit the links below to learn more about how you can join the community.     


Local Angel Co. connects makers in the DC, Maryland and Virginia with local non-profit organizations committed to youth empowerment, food equity and more.  Contributions for select items will go directly to Local Angel's partnership. 


Through Imani Milele Children we have donated for sufficient youth educational resources and institutions.  Your purchase can directly contribute to the sponsorship of our Imani Milele child.   

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